AI at your fingertips

What We Do

Our technology lets you run deep learning models efficiently, directly on your phone, IoT device, or an embedded CPU, without relying on datacenters or network connectivity. At we build technology to power the next generation of pervasive, personal AI and deep learning.

Technology algorithms are fast, and scalable from single core embedded ARM CPUs to server grade hardware, delivering state of the art RAM, CPU, power, and cost efficiency at every level.


With our algorithms, object detection runs in real time on smartphones, and scales all the way down to $5 Raspberry Pi Zero, using only the CPU. The algorithms are not limited to object detection: nearly all models can benefit.


Reference versions of our algorithms have been published at several top-tier venues, and well received by the AI community.

Who we are is a group of experienced innovators working to make AI dramatically more efficient, and put it into every device. We are a team of experts in deep learning, machine vision, software engineering, and hardware design.